Argentina is playing against Bolivia at night

Argentina is playing against Bolivia at night

Argentina is playing against Bolivia at night. After Ecuador, the mission of winning Bolivia is in front of Argentina. However, the biggest obstacle for the world champions there is La Paz’s height. Added to Lionel Messi’s injury. Although traveling with the team, there is concern about the game. The game will start on Tuesday (September 12) at 2 pm Bangladesh time.

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La Paz is the capital of Bolivia. But for footballers from other countries, the statue is a city of terror. The football players of the opponents always come down to play matches in this city at an altitude of 3625 meters above sea level. Due to the lack of oxygen, they stay away from playing here, they do not feel comfortable even in normal movement. But, according to FIFA rules, the World Cup must be selected on a home and away basis. So at this time of the year the teams have to go to Lapaz.

La Paz is a bigger threat for Argentina. In 2009, Maradona’s team had to concede half a dozen goals. This time, the world champions have to go down in the second match of the World Cup qualifiers in that field. However, Messi’s injury is a bigger concern for Argentina than La Paz’s height or the lack of oxygen on the field. Lionel Messi is somewhat devastated by the pressure of playing consecutive matches for Inter Miami and travel fatigue. That’s why Scaloni picked him up at the end of the match against Ecuador. Although the injury was denied at the time, the real reason was understood to be the fact that he was not seen in practice.

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However, the little wizard came to Bolivia with the party. He also practiced on the opening day. Now waiting for the green signal from the medical department.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni said, “Messi is completely healthy, I will not say that.” He has some mild problems. But, that’s not a big deal. Leo came here with us, also joined the practice. He seems to be doing well now. However, I will take the final decision before the match.

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The blue-and-blue camp has more injury problems. Scaloni will not want to take any risk with Lisandro Martinez for now. While Cristian Romero has some problems, they are not worried about his game. The Argentinian boss is hopeful that Romero will be available to handle the defense with Otamendi.

Argentina and Bolivia have met 42 times so far in tournaments like World Cup qualifiers, Copa America, friendlies and Copa Cornell. Of which Argentina has won 30 times. Bolivia won 7 times. The match ended inconclusively 5 times.