United’s embarrassing loss at home

United's embarrassing loss at home

United’s embarrassing loss at home. Manchester United are not having a hard time. Erik ten Hag’s side’s fortunes have not improved despite spending big on summer transfers. This time, the Red Devils have become victims of ‘Giant Killer’ Brighton in their own field.

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Manchester United lost 3-1 to Brighton at Old Trafford on Saturday (September 16). Brighton took the lead in the first half with Danny Welback’s goal. Then in the second half, Pascal Grob and Joao Pedro scored two more goals. Hannibal Mazbry scored a goal for United.

United had a great start on the day. Attack after attack kept Brighton’s defense busy. However, against the tide, De Gerber’s Brighton got a goal. Danny Welback gave the team the lead in 20 minutes after a great game last season. It was the England star’s fourth goal in the Premier League against his former club.

The hosts became more desperate after conceding the goal. United’s new signing Rasmus Hylund scored in the 40th minute with an assist from Marcus Rashford. However, VAR showed that the ball had gone beyond the touchline. As a result, this goal is canceled. Brighton went into the break with this goal in front.

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United faded back from the break. In the 53rd minute, the Red Devils scored again due to the mistake of the defense. Pascal Grob scored. Ten Haag’s team could not return to the match after that. On the other hand, Brazilian forward Joao Pedro put the final nail in United’s coffin in the 71st minute.

The hosts got a consolation goal two minutes later. 20-year-old midfielder Hannibal Mazbry reduced the deficit for United.

With this loss, United are at number 13 in the list with 6 points in 5 matches. On the other hand, Brighton is number four with 12 points.