United have the last laugh in a high-voltage battle

United have the last laugh in a high-voltage battle

United have the last laugh in a high-voltage battle. In the high-voltage match, the game was full of attack-counter-attack. But Scott McTominay made the difference. Manchester United left the field with a victory against Chelsea with a double goal from this Scottish midfielder.

Manchester United beat Chelsea 2-1 in the Premier League match on Wednesday (December 6) night. With this win, Manchester United has moved up to sixth in the points table.

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Man U stormed the attack at home. The team took a total of 28 shots on goal in the entire match, while the opponent Chelsea took 13 shots on net.

United dominated the first 10 minutes. In the fourth minute, Gasmus Hailun could not capitalize on a good chance. The hosts failed to score even from the penalty in the seventh minute. Bruno Fernandez’s weak spot kick was saved by Roberto Sanchez.

Manuk didn’t have to wait long for the net even though they failed to attack again and again. In the 19th minute, Harry Maguire’s shot was blocked by Chelsea defender Mark Cucure, but McTomine got on the scoresheet with a left-footed shot from the penalty spot.

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Chelsea equalized in the last minute of the first half. Palmer entered the box after taking Mudrik’s pass. Two opposing players in front of him. The 21-year-old midfielder equalized with a low shot to create space.

In the second half, the attack-counter-attack continued. In the 69th minute McTominay put the team ahead again with his second goal. He headed the ball into the net from Alejandro Garnacho’s cross in the box.

As United had several opportunities to extend the lead in the rest of the period, Chelsea had a few chances to get back into the match, but none could capitalize on them. Manchester United leave the field with a win.