Brazil’s three losses in a row, Messi left the field with a win

Brazil's three losses in a row, Messi left the field with a win

Brazil’s three losses in a row, Messi left the field with a win. Brazil has lost three times in a row in the World Cup qualifiers. Messi’s Argentina left the famous Maracana stadium after beating hosts Brazil 1-0 in an eventful match on Wednesday (November 22). Brazilian footballer Jolinton shows a red card, Brazil has to play with ten footballers in the last 10 minutes of the match.

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The brawl between the spectators before the start of the match, the poor performance of the Brazilian footballers throughout the match, and the fouls that made Brazil 10 men at the end of the match – what did football fans not see? Although the game of the field did not accumulate in this exciting match.

In the first half, the footballers of both teams played messy football. However, it was Otamendi’s goal in the second half that made the difference in the match.

In the 63rd minute of the match, Nicolas Otamendi headed the team from a corner taken by Lo Celso. Brazil goalkeeper Alisson jumped to try to block the ball, but could not.

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Brazil became desperate to return to equality after conceding goals. Endrik-Luizra went on the attack after playing some messy football. But in the end nothing worked. In the 81st minute of the opposite match, Brazilian footballer Jolinton left the field after seeing a red card for fouling De Paul.

In the last ten minutes, Brazil could not attack with ten footballers. And before the end of the match, the host audience started to leave the Maracana stadium. In the end, Brazil left the field with a 0-1 loss. With this, Brazil lost three matches in a row in the World Cup qualifiers. The five-time world champions lost to Argentina in the Super Clasico after losing to Uruguay last month and Colombia this month.

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Meanwhile, heat builds in the gallery ahead of the match. Supporters of both parties got involved in fights. The British media Guardian quoted the commentary of the Brazilian media Globo as saying that during Argentina’s national anthem, the trouble started when Brazilian fans booed. The police finally stopped the fight.

So far, all teams have played six matches in the World Cup qualifiers in Latin America. Messi’s Argentina is at the top of the table with 15 points in 6 matches. Uruguay is second in the table with two points less. And with 7 points in the equal match, Brazil is in the sixth position of the table.