Mourinho in front of history

just one match win and history!

Jose Mourinho lags far behind Pep Guardiola, Klopp and Carlo Ancelotti, the coaches he once competed with. Guardiola-Klopp are still vying for the title in the English Premier League each season, with Ancelotti and Klopp battling for the title shortly after winning the Champions League, Europe’s highest competition.

But Mourinho? The coach, who has had one success after another for Chelsea, Real Madrid or Inter Milan, seems to have fallen behind. Chelsea, Manchester United or Tottenham have returned to Italy, AS Roma has taken charge.

The same coach who once won the Champions League for two different clubs is now fighting Roma to win the third-tier European competition, the UEFA Conference League. In terms of honor and dignity, the title lags far behind the top competitions like the Champions League.

This time Mourinho has taken Roma to the final of the competition. The opponent is Dutch club Feyenoord. The two clubs will compete for the conference league title at the Arena Combater in Albania at midnight today. And once he wins the match, Mourinho will be part of history. He will be the first coach to win three different European titles. FC Porto and Inter have won the Champions League twice before, and Porto and Manchester United have also won the UEFA Cup (now known as the Europa League).

Mourinho took charge of Roma last year :

Mourinho in front of history . Mourinho took charge of Roma last year
Mourinho took charge of Roma last year

All that was left was this conference league. That cycle will also be completed if Roma can beat Feyenoord today. Mourinho has previously won four European Championship finals with three different teams. The goal is to enrich the statistics a little more. Mourinho also has a well-thought-out thought in his head: “If I win, I will be the first coach to win every European title. If I win. ‘

Mourinho won the Porto UEFA Cup in 2003, beating Scottish club Celtic. The following year, French club Monaco lost and won the Champions League. Mourinho tasted the Champions League for the second time through Inter Milan after losing to Bayern Munich in 2010. Mourinho United beat Ajax in 2016 to win the Europa League.

But whether Roma wins the final or not, whether they are part of history or not, the team’s performance this season seems quite positive to Mourinho, ‘I do not believe in magic. After reaching the final, there is nothing special to do like that now. We just have to play as a team. You have to be confident in your abilities, you have to know the limitations. “Whatever the final, the season has been very positive for us.”