Brazil-Argentina do not play high quality football – Mbappe said

The most talked about name in world football is now Killian Mbappe. The World Cup-winning footballer has extended his three-year contract with PSG without responding to a request from Real Madrid. Mbappe is busy with a new contract with the French club. Talking about different things. This is where the Latin American regional teams from the Qatar World Cup emerged.

In an interview with TNT Sports of Argentina, Mbappe said:

“Brazil and Argentina do not play good football. I think Brazil is a good team. A few teams from Europe are also good. But the good thing is that high quality football is always played in Europe. We have the League of Nations. We will be ready before the start of the World Cup.

Brazil-Argentina do not play high quality football

With initial criticism in team football, this time Mbappe is criticized for commenting on football in other countries. Brazil and Argentina, the two top teams in football rankings, took part in the upcoming World Cup in Qatar as usual. Football fans have a positive view of international skills. On the other hand Mbappe will play for France in this World Cup. He became a European footballer and made controversial statements about two Latin American teams, Brazil and Argentina.

Although Brazil-Argentina will take part in the Qatar World Cup, analysts say European teams will once again point. Analysts have reason to believe that the last four World Cup matches have been won by four European countries. Besides, Latin countries are far behind Europe in international football. It also catches the eye in stadium games.

French star Killian Mbappe sat down and uttered a joke about Latin American countries, especially Brazil-Argentina. According to him they are no longer playing good football now.

Mbappe thinks Latin American groups are not as advanced as Europe. He added: “Argentina and Brazil are not playing top games to reach the World Cup. In South America, football is not as advanced as in Europe. Because if you look at the last few World Cups, all Europeans have won.