Mbappe will be Real biggest supporter in this 22-23 session

Mbappe will be Real's biggest supporter

Mbappe will be Real biggest supporter. Many were upset that his decision was so late. The annoyance is also due to the oscillation of rumors about him. Once it was heard that Killian He is going to Real Madrid, another time it was heard that he is staying in PSG.

In the end, the buzz has ended with the renewal of MBAP’s contract in PSG. The 23-year-old French forward has renewed his contract with PSG until 2025. The news has come as a relief for PSG. However, the fact that Real has been dreaming of getting he in their team for so long is unbelievable.

However, despite staying at PSG, He has made it clear that his childhood favorite club Real Madrid is in the corner of his mind. The PSG forward has said that he will support Real Madrid in the match against Liverpool in the Champions League final next Saturday.

Mbappe made a huge post on Twitter yesterday explaining the reason for his decision. The fourth paragraph is a thank you to Real Madrid and the club’s president Florentino Perez. There is no reason for a PSG player to thank Real, he has nothing to do with Real on paper. However, Mbappe said, probably Real is his favorite club!

Mbabane, who has been a Real fan since childhood, has never hidden his desire to join the Spanish club. Even in the comic book ‘Jay Maple Killian’ published under his name, he made it clear that he wanted to go to Real. His previous contract at PSG was due to expire next June, with He finally moving to Real Madrid – it was certain. In fact, the Madrid media, fans, and even the club players had music that said “one of us in Mbappe”.

But PSG did not want to leave him. He is now at the peak of his career due to his age and form, the French club do not want to lose him. The World Cup in Qatar next November. Qatar-owned PSG should despair of losing the club’s biggest advertising deal in the past.

Mbappe will stay in PSG till 2025

Mbappe will be Real's biggest supporter

The fruit? The amount that PSG has signed with Mbappe is unbelievable, dazzling but less so. Mbappe received 300 million euros only as a contract signing bonus, and will receive a salary of 150 million euros per year after deducting taxes. In addition, PSG has agreed to hand over control of a large part of MBAP’s image rights to MBAP.

It is heard that there are conditions for the financial gain, besides the appointment of the coach of the club, the opinion of the MBAP will also be important in the player trade. Even the Emir of Qatar, the President of France, has reportedly been involved in persuading Mbappe.

After all this, last Saturday, the official announcement of the renewal of the contract came in the PSG of MBAP. It’s like a fire in Madrid. The media is washing away Mbappe, with Real’s players simultaneously renewing their allegiance to the club and posting on social media. Mbapp’s criticism is going on!

Mbappe has also been given a lot of power to decide who will be the coach-player of the PSG club.
Mbappe has also been given a lot of power to decide on the PSG club’s coach-player, following rumors that Neymar’s future at the PSG is in doubt.

The day after the club’s announcement, Mbappe took to Twitter to explain his decision. The general explanation. PSG’s ‘sports project’ will help him grow up, continue in his native France ÔÇŽ what else players usually say in academic language! But then Mbappe also thanked Real Madrid. Madrid’s media, supporters, club officials trying to give a little water to the wounds? Maybe!