City supporters hit Villa goalkeeper three times

hit the Villa goalkeeper three times

Today hit Villa goalkeeper three times on the field. The former Manchester United captain can’t believe it. Manchester City supporters have been dubbed “assholes”. He expressed his apprehension that if it continues like this, one day a supporter can enter the field and stab the player!

Controversy has been raging in England for some time now, with insane supporters entering the field to win the team. The latest addition to the debate is the entry of Manchester City supporters into the field after the Premier League title was confirmed yesterday. But just entering the field might not have sparked the controversy, as some City supporters also hit Villa goalkeeper three times in the head.

City supporters hit the Villa goalkeeper three times
Hit Villa goalkeeper

Villa coach Steven Gerrard raised the question at a post-match press conference, with City apologizing in a statement later. He also said that if the culprits are caught, they will be banned from entering the stadium indefinitely. City coach Pep Guardiola also promised an apology and a major punishment.

However, the apology and the promise is not all over! Gary Neville and Roy Keane, two former Manchester United players, have been criticized in a TV analysis. Kin expressed his apprehension.

City-Liverpool title race :

The City-Liverpool title race, which was full of great thrills, appeared with more colors on the last day yesterday. City were trailing by two goals in the 65th minute when Liverpool would have to win their own match if they had won the match. On such a day, the city supporters have to go crazy.

But that’s the way to go down the field! Even if you get on the field, you have to hit the opposing player! The leaked video shows Olsen being hit five times in the head. According to the English daily The Telegraph, three of these appear to be intentional. Olsen did not suffer any injuries, but at first glance, it seems, he is in pain due to a head injury. Then, for the second time, a City supporter hit him in the head, and another came and pushed Olsen in the back.

Villa coach was asked after the match if all his players were able to leave the field safely after the fans had entered the field in this manner. Gerard replied, “My goalkeeper has been attacked. In that case, the question should be asked of Manchester City and Guardiola.”

The CTO apologized to Olsen in a statement shortly afterwards, saying “the club immediately launched an internal investigation. Once the culprits are identified, they will be barred from entering the stadium indefinitely.

City coach Guardiola also apologized:

At the press conference, City coach Guardiola also apologized, “I am very sorry. On behalf of the club, I apologize to Olsen and Aston Villa. I don’t think they did it on purpose. Here, in fact, human emotions are involved. I don’t understand why people do this, why they don’t celebrate like themselves. Hopefully we can identify that person and punish him. “

The city coach said, “You can’t control everyone with a thousand guards anymore. We are very sorry. This is bad news today. “

Such bad news has come regularly in the last one week in England football. Crystal Palace coach Patrick Vieira hits a supporter in the crowd at Everton, while supporters from Port Val, Nottingham Forest in the lower tier league take to the field to celebrate the team’s achievement. Among such incidents in the city field.

Seeing all this, Roy Keane fears Say-

‘One day a player or a coach will be seriously injured! If someone can be as crazy as hitting a player on the field, then someone can be crazy enough to stab a player. ‘

“I think when Kovid came back, when people came back from Kovid (in normal life), they forgot what to do or not to do,” Keener said. Donkey team. ‘

Gary Neville, another former United player who was Keane’s partner at the Sky Sports event, is also worried about the fans’ habit of going down the field like this, “What’s going on? In the last 30 years or so, we have not managed to bring down the gallery in English football. 99 out of 100 times, the fans respect the fact that you can’t go on the field if you want to, because you have to create a family atmosphere here. Now more children and teenagers come to the field than before, many more women come to the field. But all of a sudden, in the last few weeks, in the last few months, we’ve seen this asshole go down the field. ‘

According to Sky Sports, British police have already arrested two City supporters who went to the field yesterday. Allegedly, one of them threw a pyro (smoke bomb) at the ground. Complaint against another, entering the field. However, police are still investigating with the help of two clubs to find supporters who injured Olsen.