Angel Di María said goodbye to PSG

Angel Di María said goodbye to PSG. In his last game after seven seasons with PSG, He made sure he did the math.

Angel Di Maria

In Saturday’s 5-0 victory over Metz, He scored the fifth and final goal of his last game for the team in the 66th minute. It was a good goal for He, as he took the rebound, and instead of making it one more time, he took his time and set it aside from the Metz goalkeeper to put the cherry on top of the victory. He was devastated after his last goal with the club, and was even more emotionally drained in the 74th minute when he was sent off for the last game against PSG. He hugged his teammates as he walked out of the stadium, and his wife was seen crying in the box as he lifted her up. Juventus are seen as the first to get He on transfer, according to several reports. The agreement has not yet been finalized, but is expected to be in place soon. While PSG’s Ligue 1 clash with Metz on Saturday night may have been dominated by Kylian Mbappe saga, local fans were well aware that it was Di Maria’s song playing in France. After signing for the French giants after a dangerous spell at Manchester United, the Argentine footballer has loved ‘City of Light’ as his second home for seven years. However, all good things should come to an end and Di Maria says goodbye to PSG at the end of his contract by moving to Juventus on the cards. The 34-year-old left a legacy for PSG fans who will remember him for it, pulling the strings as the runners-up 4-0 face their relegated rivals. He even started the team by putting a good ball in Mbappe’s way to score the opening goal, before later converting Neymar to extend PSG’s advantage. He scored in PSG’s final match But a really good time came when He found the back of the net himself and felt it had to come in the normal way of his football mantra. Despite being given an open goal in the penalty area to put PSG 5-0 on top, the former Real Madrid star took his time to wrap up the defender and goalkeeper before turning on the aplomb. Be sure to check out his farewell intentions below because the Paris scenes were so emotional that  He who was traveling could not hold back the tears.