Mbappe will not be allowed to leave PSG for free: Khelaifi

Mbappe will not be allowed to leave PSG for free

Mbappe will not be allowed to leave PSG for free: Khelaifi. French star Kylian Mbappe has told the current club PSG that he will not sign a new contract when the contract with the club ends in 2024. The 23-year-old superstar wants to leave Paris as a free agent. However, PSG is not willing to let him go so easily. Their investment behind the World Cup-winning French is not less. So they are not willing to let the best star of the team free. That’s why the situation in Paris with Mbappe is getting complicated day by day.

Kylian Mbappe was almost certain to leave PSG at the end of the 2021-22 season. His move to ‘dream club’ Real Madrid was quite a success. But PSG tried to keep him in the team until the last moment. They are successful in that. They were able to get him a new contract on that journey by giving him all the unimaginable facilities.

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But this time Mbappe is a little more desperate to leave the club. After Messi-Ronaldo left Europe, most of the minds see the fight for the superiority of the new era of football between him and Arling Holland. Holland won the treble title along with the Champions League last season. Although Mbappe caught the eye before him, he still failed to win the Champions League. So this time he is looking at a club where he has the highest chance of winning the Champions League.

But PSG let the duck that laid the golden egg go so easily. PSG chairman Nasser Al Khelaifi has taken a very tough stance on Mbappe. He is not willing to let him leave the team for free in 2024. He made his decision clear to Mbappe, who scored 29 goals in 34 league matches in the 2022-23 season. The Qatari tycoon has set a deadline for Mbappe to make his decision.

Mbappe has to make a decision in two weeks whether to stay at the club or leave this season. French star standing at a crossroads in his career!

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However, no club in the world will allow a star like Mbappe to leave the club as a free agent. If he wants to leave the team, the club will want to trade him as much as possible. He is PSG’s highest paid footballer. So Khelaifi is forced to be strict.

PSG chairman Khelaifi told the French newspaper La Parisien, ‘We want Mbappe to stay at PSG. I want it very much. If he doesn’t want to extend the contract, the door is open, he can leave.’

In 2017, PSG first brought Mbappe to the team on loan from Monaco. The Parisians signed him permanently the following season, paying the second-highest transfer fee. After that, the club spent 180 million dollars on the French star in the last six years. Therefore, Khelaifi does not see any room for thinking that he will be allowed to leave the team for free.

Khelaifi made it clear in the interview to La Parisien, ‘We cannot leave the best footballer in the world for free in any way. It is not possible at all.’

Meanwhile, Fabrizio Romano, a reliable informer of the transfer, said that PSG are interested in open discussions with Real Madrid regarding the sale of Mbappe. Real Madrid fans can be optimistic about such information now. Because the relationship between these two clubs is not good for various reasons, there was considerable doubt whether PSG would agree to sell Mbappe to Real.

Mbappe wants to join the club of his choice on a free transfer in 2024. After Khelaifi’s public announcement, if Mbappe leaves the team, he has to leave this season. But Real were more interested in signing him on a free next season. Now it remains to be seen if Mbappe agrees to buy Real this season at a high price. It remains to be seen what Real president Florentino Perez decides to do after what Mbappe did last season with his move to Real.