Nothing left, I’ve got it all: Messi

Nothing left, I've got it all: Messi

Nothing left, I’ve got it all: Messi. Lionel Andres Messi came to football with the title of ‘New Maradona’. But with time he became famous by his own name. Even according to many, the best footballer of all time is this little magician from Argentina. However, because of repeated failures in the World Cup, there was an incompleteness somewhere. The World Cup title in Qatar brought perfection to Messi’s career.

There is no title at club level that Lionel Messi has not won. Not only has he won the league for Barcelona and PSG, he has all possible titles including the Champions League. Messi also won the Ballon d’Or and the World Cup and Copa America’s best player awards in recognition of individual excellence. The only drawback was that he could not win any title for Argentina. But that regret was cut by winning the Copa America in 2021.

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Before going to the World Cup in Qatar, Messi said that this is his last World Cup. The voice of this legend was full of desire to leave after winning the World Cup title. Finally, on December 18, Messi fulfilled his dream by defeating France in the final at the Lucille Stadium. Argentina won the World Cup after 36 years. Messi also became an all-conquering footballer.

Messi is currently vacationing in his hometown of Rosario. There, Messi gave an interview to BAN Sports, the transcript of which was released last Friday (June 23). In the interview, which was released the next day, Messi talked about the World Cup in Qatar and the loss against Saudi Arabia. There he said that everything has been won, nothing is left.

Regarding the unexpected loss against Saudi Arabia, Messi said, ‘Starting like this (with a loss) in the first match was one of the keys (to victory). It was a hard lesson for us. From there we started playing differently because we knew that one mistake could put us out of the tournament.’

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He added, ‘We were sitting there believing that the match (against Saudi Arabia) was going to be the easiest match of the group stage and the opposite happened. Looking back today, everything that happened, it woke us up at the right time and it prepared us.’

What has changed in Messi’s life after winning the World Cup? In response to such questions, Messi said that everything in his life is as before. Just caught everything he wanted. Only here he sees the difference with his life before the World Cup.

Messi said, ‘My days, my life or my training, to be honest, nothing has changed as a world champion. The only thing that catches my eye is that we have another star added to the history of the World Cup. There is nothing left. I’ve got it all.’