I cried when I left Madrid: Ozil

I cried when I left Madrid: Ozil

I cried when I left Madrid: Ozil Mesut Ozil, a star of Turkish origin, played at Arsenal for seven years. However, the German World Cup winner, who retired from all forms of football at the age of 34, has given more space in his memory to Real Madrid, where he played for three years. In a short time, he was so in love with this club that when he left the club, he had tears in his eyes without realizing it.

After saying goodbye to football, Ozil recently faced the Spanish media Marca. There are many topics about his long football career. Said why he had to leave Real. And how he felt when he left the club.

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In 2010, Özil got a call from German club Werder Bremen to Real Madrid after catching the attention of the World Cup in South Africa. In a short time, he developed a deep love for this club. He was representing one of the best clubs in the world along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos. Won La Liga title in 2011-12 season, Copa del in 2010-11 season and Spanish Super Cup in 2012. All in all he was having a good time. But Ozil’s relationship with Real ended in a sudden conflict between his father and agent with club president Florentino Perez.

He said, “When I left Madrid and was going to the airport, I was very sad. I have enjoyed three years in this city, this club. But I could not stay there for long because of the conflict between my father and my agent with the club president Perez. I had to look for a new club.’

Ozil could not easily accept the sudden breakup of the relationship that had been built up slowly over three years. The star cried involuntarily while leaving his beloved club and teammates.

While recalling the memory of that time, Ozil said, “When I left the Madrid airport, my eyes were filled with tears.” I realized, everything is over.’

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Ten years after he left the club, fans still have a different feeling when they remember him as a Madridista. Ozil feels proud of himself. Mark’s question was, if he got that time back, would Ozil want to stay at Real?

In response, the 2014 World Cup winning star said, ‘It felt right at the time. Because after the conflict between my father and Perez, I was skeptical that if I didn’t leave I might not get much of a chance to get on the field. So it’s hard to say. But of course, if I had that time back, I would have handled the situation in a different way.’