FIFA documentary on Messi’s World Cup win

FIFA documentary on Messi's World Cup win

FIFA documentary on Messi’s World Cup win Three months ago, Lionel Messi’s Argentina wrote a new history at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. After 36 years of regret, the Latin American team finally won the much-desired title. Messi himself has written his name among the best of all time by winning the World Cup title. Messi’s possible last World Cup, losing the first match and turning around the season full of drama, everything has been perfected by Messi’s world victory.

Many people have already started calling this great World Cup the best season of the World Cup. In fact, this World Cup was so dramatic. Hosting a whole World Cup in one city, one incident after another and finally the World Cup in the hands of Messi, anyone is bound to call such a World Cup the best. So FIFA has turned this World Cup into a documentary.

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FIFA’s official docufilm called ‘Return in the Stars’ has already been released. The length of the documentary film is one hour and 34 minutes. It can be enjoyed for free on the FIFA website. Voiced by Welsh actor Michael Sheen.

172 goals were the most in World Cup history in Qatar’s last World Cup. The moments of the goal have come up in the documentary. Apart from this, the contexts of the frenzy and breathlessness of the spectators surrounding the World Cup have also been beautifully presented here. But almost every second of this mega football event was eventful. Therefore, many unseen scenes of football fans have been brought up in this film from different angles of the camera.

According to Spanish media Marca, 3.4 million people around the world watched the game in Qatar’s stadium. An average of 53,000 spectators attended each match. The average attendance was 400 more than the previous World Cup in Russia. The world stage of Qatar also broke the record of the highest goal (172 goals) from 1998 to 2014. In that great World Cup, Albiceleste beat France in the final and won the title.

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‘It’s the story (written in the stars), involving 32 teams,’ says actor Sheen in the documentary. Here is the story of Argentina and football superstar Lionel Messi; Those who have made themselves the milestone of world conquest through hard work. They delivered a match that is one of the most memorable in World Cup history.’
The last part of the documentary says, ‘This is the story of an aesthetic journey of 32 countries to win the dream, through which Lionel Messi finally got the ultimate success. Through this his football career touches a unique milestone. Which gave the Albicelestas the desired goal and the most memorable moment.’