Ronaldo’s world record, Messi’s record too

Ronaldo's world record, Messi's record too

Ronaldo’s world record, Messi’s record too Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi set records in their respective matches. The Portuguese star has played the most matches in the international arena with the match against Liechtenstein. Messi scored 800 goals against Panama.

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Ronaldo’s Portugal played against Liechtenstein in Euro qualifiers. The Portuguese star set a world record by landing in this match. He is now the most played star in international football. He represented Liechtenstein in the 197th match. Badar Al Mutawa of Kuwait played in 196 matches.

Ronaldo also scored a pair of goals in the record match. His one was from a free-kick. Portugal won 4-0 against Liechtenstein.

On the other hand, on Friday (March 24) the world champion Argentina played against Panama. Where they got a 2-0 win. One of the two goals came from Messi’s feet. With this goal, he reached the milestone of 800 goals as the second player. Portugal captain Ronaldo has touched this record before that. He holds the record for highest goals scored. Currently, 830 goals are next to Ronaldo’s name.

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Messi reached the threshold of another record by scoring the 800th goal in his career. His number of goals for the country is now 99. If he scores another goal, he will touch the milestone of 100 goals. Messi can touch this record in Argentina’s next match against Curacao.

It was Argentina’s first match since winning the World Cup in Qatar. Where Messi himself became emotional. Standing on the field with his family after the match, he said, “I always dreamed of celebrating this moment.”