England beat Brazil to win the finals

England beat Brazil to win the finals

England beat Brazil to win the finals England made history by winning the women’s first Finalsima title after the Euros. They beat Brazil in a thrilling tiebreaker in the battle for UEFA-Conmable supremacy.

Brazil-England draw 1-1 in regular time at Wembley Stadium on Thursday (April 6) night. After that, if the result is not determined even in extra time, the match will be made into a tiebreaker. Where the Euro champions beat the Copa America champions 4-2.

Last year, Brazil’s girls won the ninth edition of Copa America, South America’s premier competition, for a record eighth time. On the other hand, England won the UEFA Euro Championship for the first time in England’s football history last year.

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In the continuity of the men’s team, Europe and CONMEBOL organized the Finalissima for the first time this year to prove the excellence of the two continents. In this Brazil-England match, the home ground, Wembley, the hosts went ahead early. Ila Tuni gave the team the lead in the 23rd minute of the match with the help of Lucci Bronze. After that, they could not get any ball in Brazil’s net at the appointed time, but they kept the dominance right. The English took 11 shots on goal with 71 percent possession of the ball. 5 of which were on target.

On the other hand, despite being behind in possession of the ball, the girls of Brazil fought no less to return to parity. They took 10 shots on goal, 4 of which were on target. After many attempts they succeeded in the third minute of added time. Andressa Alves saved the team’s value by scoring at the last minute. Due to the draw, the match went into extra time. Where neither team saw a goal.

In the end, the match was decided by a tiebreaker. Where England won the match by 4-2 and made history in the women’s final held for the first time.