Karim Benzema is the savior of Real

Karim Benzema is the savior of Real

Karim Benzema is the savior of Real He is the savior of Real Madrid. Real’s striker Karim Benzema is now on the list of French legends. Real Madrid won the Champions League title last season because of his virtue. Benjamin has saved Real by scoring in many matches. As he did on Wednesday (April 5) night at Barcelona’s Nou Camp ground. Not only this is the first time, if you look at the history, you will see many matches where Benzema has become ‘The Savior’ of Real.

Karim Benzema single-handedly won Real Madrid the Champions League title last season. Chelsea, PSG, Manchester City – Benju single-handedly defeated these three heavyweights. If such a footballer is in the team, the coach can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Karim Benzema won his first career Ballon d’Or for his outstanding performances last season. Benzema, who has been overshadowed in the Ballon d’Or award list due to Messi-Ronaldo, won the award at the age of 34. However, he did not stop. Retired from the national team. But still playing for the club, will play for a few more years.

The main reason Benzema has been talked about so much is that he has caught fire at the right time. Last season, when the team needed Benzema, he was on fire. League or Champions League, Benzema was excellent everywhere. And not to mention the second leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final against Barcelona. He has performed superhumanly.

Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick against Barcelona yesterday at the Camp Nou. Such an incident happened 60 years ago. And that was done by Hungarian legend Puskas. In 1963, Puskas scored a hat-trick at the Camp Nou, which no one had done before. But Benzema did it at a time when the team needed him the most.

However, after Puskas, Benzema scored a hat trick at Camp Nou, but in one aspect, Benzema is different from everyone else. The latest hat-trick for Real before last night’s Clasico came from the feet of legendary Chilean striker Ivan Zamorano. Known as ‘Ivan the Terrible’, Zamorano, who lit up the 1998 World Cup, scored a hat-trick against Barca at Real Madrid on January 6, 1995.

As a result, Benzema has become the best star of Real due to the need of the team. Time will tell how much more important the French striker is to the team’s needs. But it can be said for sure, if Ronaldo’s chapter in Real can be excluded, then it seems that Benjamin is the best.

Real fans will also want this Benzema to never leave. May the team’s needs always shine. League match or any other tournament, let Benzema be in everyone’s motto, be the apple of everyone’s eyes. Meanwhile, the Real boss believes Benzema is capable of retaining his Ballon d’Or.