WI vs BAN 1st Test: Domingo does’t see any confidence in the batsmen

West Indies vs Bangladesh 1st Test

WI vs BAN 1st Test 103 runs in the first innings, 245 runs in the second innings: Bangladesh batted better in the second innings than in the first innings in the Antigua Test with the naked eye. But in the situation of the match, this good does not really mean anything. Due to the failure of batting in two innings, the Bangladesh team is waiting for a definite rate at the end of the third day of the Antigua Test. Russell Domingo, the head coach of the Bangladesh team, also mentioned the number two runs and kept saying, “Not good enough.”

When it came to analyzing the batting failure at the post-match press conference, Domingo’s simple confession was, ‘Not good. Many loose shots in both innings, very bad decision. 103 runs in the first innings, of course more runs should be made. He could have scored more than 245 runs in the second innings. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

WI vs BAN 1st Test: Domingo does't see any confidence in the batsmen

Domingo doesn’t think the problem behind the loose shot is strategic. On the contrary, according to him, the Bangladesh team is playing Tests with a batsman suffering from lack of confidence. “Everybody is suffering from a lack of confidence,” he said. We have great batsmen, Muminul, Shant (Nazmul) – many are lacking in confidence. Confidence is a big thing in cricket. There is no confidence in the boys batting at the moment. ‘

Despite the failure of the top order batsmen, Shakib Al Hasan and Nurul Hasan gave Bangladesh the lead with a pair of half centuries. But the coach wanted more from both of them. Domingo believes the picture of the match could have been different if one of the two had scored a century without stopping at fifty. “They both batted well. Played with less risk. The top order showed the batsmen what they should have done. But the new ball has both out. An 80-run innings will not win our Test. We have to make a century. The two played an 80-run innings. Neither of them scored a century. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

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The head coach also said that the batsmen have to take the responsibility of getting out of the run drought. When it comes to form, you have to be strong mentally. There is no chance of a technical change between this match and the next. We have to get rid of all kinds of extra noise and criticism and focus on playing cricket. Yes, these are easier said than done. But the best players are capable of doing all this. ‘

When it is dark all around due to the plight of the batsmen, the light is shining only on the bowling attack of the Bangladesh team. After the first innings, the bowling of the Bangladesh team in the second innings was commendable, says Domingo, ‘All the bowlers bowled well in both the innings. The best bowling I saw in the first innings. It is not easy to keep 270 runs in this wicket. I am very proud of the bowlers ‘performance in the last two days.’

On the afternoon of the third day

Khaled Ahmed quickly put pressure on the West Indies with 3 wickets. Even with a capital of only 84 runs in the fourth innings, the Bangladesh team was dreaming of non-occurrence. But now the head coach did not praise Khaled, saying, “He has taken three wickets. But there is much room for improvement. Sometimes you don’t get a wicket even with a good ball. You will get wickets without doing very well again. This is cricket. He bowled well in the second innings and took some good wickets. But there is much room for improvement. “

Like Khaled in the first innings, Mostafizur Rahman returned to the WI vs BAN 1st Test team after more than a year with a new ball. Domingo also warned against the injury-prone left-arm pacer, saying, “He bowled well. But I want more from him. His speed will increase a little. However, he did not bowl too much. But his control was good. There was a good swing. He has to play very carefully. He played a lot of cricket. Much more to play. He cannot be bowled and thrown to the ground. He is one of our most important bowlers, especially white. ‘