Beterbiev vs Smith: Fight, start time, preview and prediction

Beterbiev vs Smith

Beterbiev vs Smith: Fight, start time, preview and prediction. Big boxing tournaments and multi-belt competitions continue on Saturday as it promises to be a spy between WBC champion and IBF light heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev and WBO champion Joe Smith Jr. The fight will take place at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden on Saturday night (10 p.m. ET, ESPN).

Beterbiev (17-0, 17 KO) is one of the most feared boxers in the sport, having pulled every male who enters the ring as a professional. He won the undefeated IBF title in November 2017 with a landslide victory under Enrico Kolling. Kolling was almost the first man to take Beterbiev to the scorecards, but Beterbiev’s relentless pressure came as he hit the knockout with 27 seconds left in the fight.

Artur Beterbiev and Joe Smith Jr

Three fights later, Beterbiev added a WBC belt to his collection with Oleksandr Gvozdyk’s suspension in a highly anticipated fight in which Beterbiev defeated an elite light heavyweight title. He has twice defended his united titles since defeating Gvozdyk.

Very important battle for me:-

“This is a very important battle for me. About the environment is no different for me. I focus more on the fight. I focus more on my opponent, not on the place. I always ask for my fist. that I did better than two years ago, “Betterbiev said at a recent press conference. Beterbiev vs Smith Fight on sunday night

“Compared to the last one, this camp went very well. This camp was better. I want to thank my team, my conditioning coach, my boxing coach, my whole team and all my colleagues who helped me. A good camp.”

In Smith (28-3, 22 KO), Beterbiev faces a tough teammate who tries to use his power and heart to keep hold of his opponent and end the war.

It has been a long time since Smith’s world championships, which beat Maxim Vlasov by a majority decision in April 2021 to win the WBO title. That was Smith’s 30th professional belt. Earlier, Smith had won a shot from WBA champion Dmitry Bivol in March 2019. Bivol was in charge of Smith in battle, making a wide-ranging decision that saw Smith win only two rounds.

Smith Said:-

“I believe this guy is in his early years. I don’t think he has any experience. I know he’s 100 percent here and ready to go. I know I’m fighting one of the best, so. Train me 110%,” said Smith. dry for a long time. I made sure to improve things that I did not do my best. I always kept up with my training, so I feel comfortable this weekend. “

Bivol’s presence in the category was even greater than before Beterbiev vs. Smith. After Bivol got very upset about Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, he has a lot of names – and he probably has a lot of talent – in the category. The winner of Saturday’s battle may be honored with four belts and a Bivol to win the undisputed champion at light heavyweight.

The co-feature bout on Saturday brings the return of the highly respected hope to Robeisy Ramirez. The Cuban-born player is facing a tough test from veteran Abraham Nova. Ramirez is 9-1 years old since he started his career in 2019 in a lost effort. Since then, he has easily beaten all the men who have been put in front of him.

My level increases with the quality of the opponent I have in front of me. Therefore, I think my growth is due to increasing the level of my opposition and because we have been increasing our work, mentally and physically,” Ramirez said. said at the last press conference.

“We have decided to take this fight because it will lead to us winning the title. We all know who Abraham is. We all know what kind of record he has. So, winning will put us far away from fighting for the title. It was a step we wanted to take and the battle we wanted.”


Smith can hit and hit hard. Considering you to be a very capable fighter, you are a very low person at +500. Having said that, Beterbiev is an amazing hero and is at a higher level than Smith. Smith needs to find a way to block Beterbiev from him and have room to let go of his powerful punches. That’s a big question, though, as Beterbiev excels at the closing stage, getting in and out of work with body and head injuries.

That fight is the way Betterbiev won. He forces his opponents to fight inside, where he has a edge, and he breaks them to pieces. Smith is tough enough to survive for a while but not 12 full rounds. Choose: Artur Beterbiev with TKO9