UEFA is deciding to organize matches in Asia

UEFA is deciding to organize matches in Asia. The world sports economy has been in a slump since the pandemic. UEFA is going to take the decision to organize some important matches of the group stage in different countries of the Asian continent to restore the popularity and economic stability of the Champions League, the championship of European clubs. In addition, there are rumors in the European press that the match may be organized in America-Middle East.

Europe’s premier club competition is the UEFA Champions League. The frenzy of football fans around the event is palpable. This epitome of club excellence is recognized not only across Europe, but across the globe.

Among them, we have to talk about Asian fans separately. Central Asia is a huge market for European football. EPL clubs tour various countries in Asia during the pre-season. For the past few seasons, the EPL authorities have been holding matches at midday local time in England to keep the audience in the English Premier League.

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However, the global economy has suffered a downturn due to the Covid pandemic. That rash has spread to the global sports economy. UEFA is going to follow the path shown by EPL to restore stability in world sports. Since its inception, UEFA Champions League matches have been organized at the participating clubs’ grounds. But this time it is heard that the decision to organize various important matches of UCL’s group stage will be taken outside Europe.

Outside Europe, the authorities are planning to organize some important UCL matches in America, China and the Middle East. Next week, the UEFA Executive Committee meeting will be held in Hvar, Croatia. Infrastructural development of football, economic stability is likely to be discussed about taking such decisions.

Twice in the last three seasons, the Spanish Super Cup matches have been held in Saudi Arabia. The next season will also be held in Saudi Arabia. There are rumors that the UEFA Super Cup matches may also be held outside Europe. However, European football fans are angry with this decision.

Meanwhile, the UCL authorities are on the way to decide to organize the Champions League with the participation of 36 teams instead of 32 teams from next season.