Salah’s Liverpool is devastated even by Man City without Holland

Salah's Liverpool is devastated even by Man City without Holland

Salah’s Liverpool is devastated even by Man City without Holland In the absence of goal machine Arling Holland, Liverpool was defeated against Manchester City. Mohamed Salah crashed to a 4-1 defeat in the English Premier League after the international break.

Salah’s goal gave Liverpool an early lead at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday (April 1). Then Julian Alvarez equalized the team. And with the goals of Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Guindoan and Jack Grealish, Man City left the field with a big victory.

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In the first appearance of the current league, Liverpool won 1-0 at their home ground against Man City at Anfield. At the Etihad, that rhythm was seen at the start of the first half. Holland’s absence at Man City with a groin injury was an added opportunity for the All Reds. Egypt’s forward Salah took advantage of that opportunity to give the team the lead.

Jota took possession of Alexander-Arnold’s cross in the 17th minute of the match. He made a fool of the City defense and passed to Salah. The Egyptian forward broke through the defensive wall and did the rest with ease. The next story, however, is of the city. The rest of the time Liverpool didn’t care much for the visitors.

The All Reds’ lead did not last more than 10 minutes. World Cup winning Argentinian striker Julian Alvarez equalized for City. In the 27th minute of the match, Grealish passed to Alvarez, avoiding Liverpool’s trap. He took possession of the ball and took a perfect shot from a distance of six yards. The home fans rejoiced to equalize.

De Bruyne doubled the fans’ delight at the start of the second half. Riyad Mahrez’s cross in the D-box took possession of the Belgian midfielder with a soft shot. Alison Baker could not stand in the way. In the 53rd minute, Alvarez’s shot from the penalty area was intercepted by Liverpool’s defensive wall and Guindoyan got it. However, the German forward’s shot could not be blocked by the defense or the undisputed goalkeeper Becker. City lead 3-1.

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After that, Liverpool did not return to the match. On the contrary, in the 74th minute, Grealish completed the goal by hooking the ball into their net. On the attack, Bruina passed to the English star who was getting caught in an unguarded area. Baker failed to return his shot. In the end, Man City left the field with a big victory of 4-1 goals.

With this victory, City’s points gap with Arsenal at the top of the table has reduced to 5. Their points are 64 in 28 matches. Arsenal’s points in a draw are 69. On the other hand, Liverpool is in sixth position with 42 points in 27 matches.