‘Argentine teammates can give their lives for each other’

'Argentine teammates can give their lives for each other'

‘Argentine teammates can give their lives for each other’ After 36 years of regret, Argentina finally won the World Cup in Qatar. Lionel Messi took another step towards immortality by adding the World Cup to all the achievements of his life. The great understanding between the players has contributed a lot to Argentina’s great success at the World Cup.

Messi has played in the World Cup four times before. He pulled the team to the final stage. But the success did not go there. Why did you catch the success? Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni: Argentina’s 36-year World Cup title drought ended with a team effort.

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Everyone in the team had an important contribution in Argentina’s World Cup win. Whoever is needed by the team, shines brilliantly. Argentina’s World Cup victory is mainly due to the strength of unity. Rodrigo-Emiliano did not do enough to color Messi’s possible last World Cup.

It is not the case that Argentina was very ahead in terms of strength in this World Cup. Teams like Brazil, France and Germany were among the favourites. On top of that, Albiceleste lost in the first match, and there was a possibility of being eliminated from the group stage. But from there it started to turn around. Argentina finally won the title with one success after another, burning with team power.

Almost three months have passed since the World Cup victory. Panama beat Curaçao in the first two international friendlies after the World Cup. Lionel Scaloni’s team destroyed Curaçao 7-0 in the last match. After such a match, the coach of Argentina talked about the strength of the team. He said, a player of this team can give his life for others in need.

Giving an example of how united the team is, Scaloni said, “Cuti (Cristian Romero, (Nahuel) Molina or Lisandro (Martinez) can cut each other’s veins if needed.”

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He also said, ‘They have known each other for a long time. They are together all day and even if one makes a big mistake, it is minimized by the support of the others. Others reassure the erring player or solve the problem from a place of friendship. If you listen to it, it will seem like nonsense talk. But it is not nonsense at all. I think it is important.’

While highlighting Messi’s relationship with team members, Scaloni said, “They (team members) see Leo (Messi) as the best player in history.” They are willing to give their lives for Messi. It creates a different chemistry. Which is a big thing for football, it is also a reflection of the world champion team.