Ronaldo was cheated at Manchester United

Ronaldo was cheated at Manchester United. He had a great time at Manchester United last season. However, the Portuguese star had to spend most of this season on the bench due to Eric Ten Haag’s philosophy of football. A lot of anger can be seen in Ronaldo. This time, in the interview given by British journalist Piers Morgan, he raised his anger completely.

In a special interview given to Morgan on Monday (November 14) morning Bangladesh time, Ronaldo said, ‘Manchester United wanted to force me out. Not only the manager, but others in charge of the club have tried the same. I have been cheated.’

Ronaldo scored 18 goals in 30 matches for Manchester United last season after moving to the Premier League from Juventus. He was third in the Premier League top scorer list in the 2020-21 season. However, many at the club wanted him to leave Old Trafford.

Ronaldo was cheated and Ronaldo said, “I think some people don’t want me at Manchester United.” Not only this year, they didn’t want me last season too.

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Meanwhile, since taking charge of Man United this season, Ronaldo is the most neglected under Ten Hague. However, there were rumors at the start of the season that Hagg, a believer in high-press football, would not include Ronaldo in his preferred XI.

Out of 16 matches this season, he got a place in the squad in 12 matches. He was not fielded in two of these matches. And played full 90 minutes in only three matches. He was not in the starting eleven in 6 matches. Ronaldo walked off the field in anger after not being sent off against Tottenham Hotspur last month. Angered by his behavior, the club fired him in the next match.

Ten Hague is said to have given the order to maintain order within the party. As time goes on, the fact that Ronaldo and Ten Haag dislike each other is repeatedly appearing in the media. Ronaldo said it directly in the interview given to Morgan.

He said, “I have no respect for Erik Ten Haag.” It’s easy, because he doesn’t show me any respect either.’