PSG wins with Neymar-Danilo goals

PSG wins with Neymar-Danilo goals. Neymar Jr. saw the goal on the field after two games break. Despite going ahead with his goal, Lorient equalized later on through Terem Mofi. Portuguese defender Danilo Pereira scored PSG’s winning goal at the end.

PSG wins with Neymar 2-1 against Lorient in League One on Sunday (06 November). Argentine star Lionel Messi was not with the team due to injury. He was rested against Lorient after re-injuring the ankle he picked up against Benfica in the Champions League a month earlier.

PSG dominated the field from the start. Brazilian star Neymar returned to the field after a break of two matches. However, the forward took advantage of the opponent’s goalkeeper Bhog’s mistake. Despite PSG having three players, Vogo made short passes to teammates. He also took a shot to clear the return back pass when he saw Neymar on the run, but the ball went to the feet of the Brazilian forward and went to Ugo Ekiti on the sideline.

Neymar hit the net from a distance of 6 yards after taking control of the French forward’s pass. The Parisians attacked Lorient’s defense four more times before the break. However, Neymar-Mbappera could not overcome Vogo’s replacement goalkeeper Vito Mannone.

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In the eighth minute of the second half, the hosts returned to parity after plunging PSG into despair. Terem Moffi passed the ball to Enzo Le Fie from a teammate. Le Fie’s return through pass from the left flank was sent by Moffi into the net with a bullet-speed Konakuni shot. PSG goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma was beaten by Moffi’s pace.

After that, PSG became desperate to return to the lead. Finally, in the 81st minute of the match, they got the desired success. Danilo, unguarded in front of Neymar’s corner post from the right, netted with a header. The Parisians lead 2-1. In the end, Neymar left the field with the victory as the opponent could not make any resistance.

PSG is undefeated in 34 consecutive matches. In the current season of League One, Christophe Gaultier’s disciples have strengthened the top position with 12 wins in 14 matches and 38 points in two draws. Lorient is in fifth place with 27 points in 14 matches.