Ronaldo didn’t join Manchester United’s pre-season practice

Ronaldo didn't join Manchester

Ronaldo didn’t join Manchester United’s pre-season practice. The break is almost at the end of the European club season. In the meantime, the famous clubs of Europe have started preparing for the new season. English Premier League club Manchester United is not far behind. Footballers from outside England are due to report to new coach Eric Ten Hague on Monday (July 4). Although almost everyone was present, Ronaldo was not there. The rumor of his change of party has got a new dimension.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford a season ago with a lot of enthusiasm. Everyone thought that Ronaldo’s return to his former club after a decade would bring back the lost tradition of the club. But in Ronaldo’s second innings at Manchester United, the club was doomed to collapse. Ronaldo does not dare to dream that Manchester United will do something good in the new season. So a day ago he requested the club to release him if he finds a suitable buyer in the transfer market. So Ronaldo’s absence from Manchester United practice has caused a lot of buzz and speculation.

Not attending the practice raises the question in everyone’s mind, why Ronaldo did not join the practice? Why didn’t he even report to the coach? Is Ronaldo really leaving the club?

Club authorities have answered all the questions. Ronaldo has officially informed the club about not joining the practice. He is not able to take part in the pre-season training of ManU due to family reasons. The club itself has given him permission in this regard.

Manchester United will travel to Thailand and Australia to play warm-up matches before the start of the season. The players of the club will start their journey by air next Friday.

However, even if Ronaldo wants to leave the team, the club is not willing to sell him in any way. Manchester authorities say Ronaldo is not for sale. Ronaldo has no choice in the forward line after failing to field Darwin Nunez from Benfica. So next season, the new coach Eric Ten Hag is thinking of leading the attack on the Portuguese.

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