Qatar is Building a Tent City on the Occasion of The World Cup

Qatar is building a tent city on the occasion of the World Cup

Qatar is building a tent city on the occasion of the World Cup. The World Cup is knocking on the door. Qatar, the Middle Eastern country, is hosting the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup in November. Anagona of football fans will start in the country in a few days to watch the World Cup. The big challenge is to accommodate these visitors in a small country. The desert country of Qatar has taken innovative initiatives to meet that challenge.

The Bedouins of Arabia lived in tents. Because they had to travel from place to place, they did not live in tents. It is a tradition that the host country chose to ensure accommodation for tourists visiting the country on the occasion of the World Cup. It has been decided to build a huge tent city in the vast desert of the country. The tent city will have all the modern facilities for the guests. But if you want to stay here, you have to count a large amount of money.

You have to spend about half a million rupees in Bangladeshi currency to spend every night in this tent city!

According to the British Daily Mirror, the city is being built the in Al Khor desert. The tents of this fan village will be fully air-conditioned. There will be the same facilities as in a five star hotel. Each tent has a washroom and coffee and tea facilities. You can also watch television if you want. For that, there is a television with the connection of free-to-air channel. Hair dryer, ironing, fridge, safety deposit box and all the modern facilities including WiFi connection.

Qatar is building a tent city on the occasion of the World Cup

The grand opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup will be held on November 18. Thirty-two countries will compete for the title in the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ tournament. The final match will be played on December 16. Lucille Iconic Stadium has been chosen as the venue for the first World Cup final in the Arab world.

In a word, this year’s World Cup is a festival stage. For the first time, ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ will be screened in Qatar, one of the warmest countries in the world. The FIFA World Cup-2022 is going to be held in the winter season keeping in mind the public facilities. So this World Cup is completely different. All the eight venues will be under special cooling system.

Due to the change of time, this year’s event may be the best football world cup of all time. Belgium coach Roberto Martinez thinks so. The break at the end of the season interrupted the continuity of the players’ performance. So the Red Devils coach hopes that if the footballers take part in the World Cup at the beginning of the season, they will be able to give their best.

Meanwhile, Argentine footballer Sergio Aguero withdrew from the match due to a heart attack, but this time he wants to return to the World Cup in a new form. The best striker of the 21st century wants to see himself in a different form in the World Cup for Argentina. That could be any coaching staff. Aguero also spoke to Argentina coach Scaloni and the country’s football federation.

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