Real Madrid won in Chelsea’s field in the semi-finals

Real Madrid won in Chelsea's field in the semi-finals

Real Madrid won in Chelsea’s field in the semi-finals. Ahead of their quarter-final first leg clash with Real Madrid, Chelsea owner Todd Boeli said his side would win by at least 3-0. The Stumpford Bridge club did not win the first leg; Could not win at home even in the second leg. Carlo Ancelotti’s team is confirmed for the third consecutive time in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Real Madrid won 2-0 on Tuesday (April 18). Both goals came from the team’s Brazilian young Turk, Rodrigo Goes. They won 4-0 in two legs. The Spanish club won the previous match at home by an equal margin.

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Chelsea’s home ground, naturally dominated by the hosts. Only victory is not written on their foreheads. Real Madrid confirmed the next round with less ball possession, attacks and shots along the goal post. Chelsea took a total of 19 shots, Real Madrid had just 9. However, the Madrid club took the same number of 6 on-target shots as Chelsea.

The first half of the game between the two teams ended goalless. Even after the break, no one was looking at the face of the goal. That drought ended in 58 minutes. At this time, Rodrigo quickly came towards Chelsea’s D box after receiving the ball in the middle of the long-range shot. Without delay, he passed to Vinicius Jr. along the far post. On his return shot, Rodrigo, who was standing in space, got the ball again, from where the Brazilian star took a successful shot.

Stumpford Bridge got another opportunity to celebrate the goal in the 80th minute of the match. This time too the occasion was only for Real Madrid. Fede Valverde received the ball and this time Rodrigo hit the target. In the end, Real left the field with a 2-0 goal victory and confirmed the semi-final.