Footballer to wrestler Ronaldo

Footballer to wrestler Ronaldo

Footballer to wrestler Ronaldo. If you list the world’s best footballers of this time, Cristiano Ronaldo will be at the beginning. This star has no achievement except winning the World Cup. Many people call this star who dominates European football the king of the Champions League. However, Ronaldo’s ability has decreased with age. He had to leave Europe and settle in the football of Saudi Arabia.

He has made headlines countless times for all the great milestones throughout his career. Controversial issues have also brought CRSeven into discussion many times. Another incident was added to the list of controversial incidents yesterday (April 18) night.

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Al Nasser face arch-rivals Al Hilal in a Saudi Pro League match on Tuesday night. Ronaldo’s team lost to Al Hilal 2-0 in the match. The team has fallen far behind in the race for the title. Ronaldo’s team is second with 53 points in 24 matches.

Just a few days ago, Nasr’s coach Rudy Garcia was fired due to his relationship with Ronaldo. However, the Portuguese striker could not win the team with all the advantages. The former Real Madrid star was kind of dull in the whole match.

Even though he did not score a goal, Ronaldo came to the discussion for negative things in this match. This incident is mainly about a Hilal player fouling in the second half. The star footballer committed a foul in the 57th minute of the match while trailing 1-0. And that video is now viral on social media. Many of the netizens have commented, Ronaldo is very focused on wrestling now!

Ronaldo and that player of Hilal went to head in one of the situations of the match. Long before the ball hits the ground, Ronaldo can be seen grabbing the opponent and throwing him to the ground. In this incident, the referee did not think twice to show him a yellow card. Of course, showing a yellow card is not enough, it is also being discussed.

Many people think that Ronaldo did this out of frustration of poor performance in the match. Again, many people think that he lost his patience with the crowd’s roar of ‘Messi, Messi…’. But for whatever reason, Ronaldo is not taking well to football pundits.