PSG coach and consultant in meeting about Mbappe-Neymar

PSG coach and consultant in meeting

PSG coach and consultant in meeting about Mbappe-Neymar. PSG is in extreme crisis with Neymar and Mbappe, two important footballers of the team. These two stars are facing each other to take the penalty. Which directly has a negative effect on the performance of the team. And so head coach Christophe Gaultier and consultant Luis Campos have taken the initiative to have a separate meeting with Neymar and Mbappe.

PSG’s new season has just started. In the midst of this, the fire of unrest has started to burn. The news of Neymar-Mbappe’s bad relationship has a direct impact on the performance on the field. Due to which the atmosphere of the dressing room is getting spoiled. If the situation continues like this, the club’s goal of winning the Champions League may be hindered again. PSG coach and consultant in meeting

The news of the conflict between these two football stars is old. However, it came up in the discussion again in the match against Mpelei in Ligue 1. Neymar went there to take the penalty. Mbappe said something to him while placing the ball. It is believed that the French star wanted to take the spot kick himself. The video is now viral in the net world.

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PSG received two penalties in the same match. Mbappe missed the first one. Although he is the first choice of the club authorities in taking spot kicks. A tweet from Neymar Jr.’s account mocking the matter. Neymar came there with a like. Since then this debate has taken on different dimensions.

PSG is very embarrassed about the two important footballers of the team. Head coach Christophe Gaultier and Sporting Advisor Luis Campos have decided to meet with them to normalize the situation. For this, the internal meeting with the footballers has also been suspended.

There are rumors in the European media that Mbappe made several conditions before extending a new contract with PSG. One of these was the downplaying of Neymar. It was also reported that the French winger was the key behind Neymar’s desire to leave PSG. But the Brazilian star has left them behind and started everything with new enthusiasm.

Compared to last season, PSG this year is very different. Christophe Galtier is trying to tie everyone together. Neymar is a very close friend of Lionel Messi. Again, Mbappe has a great relationship with the football superstar. So many people think that Leo came forward as a mediator and the crisis will be resolved immediately!