Pele wanted to play football in heaven with Maradona

Pele wanted to play football in heaven with Maradona

Pele wanted to play football in heaven with Maradona. After Maradona’s death, Pele, who expressed his desire to go to heaven and play with him, the creator fulfilled the legend’s wish in just two years! The emotional status of the king of football on social media has come true! He breathed his last at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to the natural law, everyone has to return to the Creator one day. Yet some careless goodbyes are extra emotional. Just like Diego Maradona’s untimely death, Pele’s heart ached. The legend said that he wanted to play football in heaven without any hesitation! But who knew, in just a couple of years God will make his wish come true!

These two legends have been compared in their lifetime. From the media to the analysts have also stood up to face them. The adjective of excellence is sometimes added next to one’s name, Football God, Maharaja next to someone! But did they ever think of themselves as rivals?

Two different eras of football have been ruled by the feet of Pele-Maradona. But the time gap never made them face to face. After Maradona’s death, Pele felt that regret. But he never made Maradona his rival; Rather wanted to get in a group. That’s why Pele wanted to play football with Meradona.

Humans end the life of the world through death. Only memories remain. The status of Pele’s Facebook page on December 3, 2020 is also the same. A week after his death Pele wrote a tribute to the Argentine legend. His wishes were not fulfilled in death! Surely they are meeting in heaven in one team, one jersey!