Messi-Ronaldo fight will be seen again!

Messi-Ronaldo fight will be seen again

Messi-Ronaldo fight will be seen again! Ronaldo, who left Europe, has settled in Al Nasser, a club in Saudi Arabia. This fact makes him equal with Lionel Messi, the possibility of playing together has been created for the two superstars.

Ronaldo has signed a contract with Al Nasser after leaving Manchester United. According to the contract, CR Seven will play in the club until 2025. Messi’s club PSG is scheduled to play a match against this club’s players in January. News by Marka and TYC Sports. In other words, Messi-Ronaldo can fight for a while.

The match will be held in Saudi Arabia in the third week of January. PSG’s opponent in that match will be the combined XI of Al Hilal and Al Nasser. That is, the team will be formed with the best footballers of these two clubs. So Ronaldo can be seen playing against Messi-Neymar-Mbappe.

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Ronaldo is also very happy with the contract with the club. In a statement, Ronaldo said, ‘I am thrilled to experience a new football league in a different country. Al Nasser’s goal for the development of men’s and women’s football in Saudi Arabia is very inspiring.

Meanwhile, after signing one of the best footballers of the time, the president of the club, Musali Almuammar, said, “This is something bigger than making history.” This deal with Ronaldo will not only inspire our club, but also our league, our country and future generations.”