Neymar win the World Cup for Brazil, Ronaldo believes

Neymar win the World Cup for Brazil

Neymar win the World Cup for Brazil, Ronaldo believes. Neymar’s talent was never in doubt. However, due to injuries and off-field life, he has been criticized in recent times. Club PSG is ready to send him away. But in the new season, he wants to give all the answers in the field game. That is reflected in his game. Ronaldo, the legend who won the last World Cup for Brazil, thinks that Neymar, who is in form, can bring Brazil a touch of the sixth World Cup.

PSG’s Brazilian star Neymar has started the season very well. In the first match of the season, he scored a brace against Nantes in the Trophy des Champions game. Brazil fans became nostalgic after seeing the impression of the old Neymar in the great free-kick goal. PSG’s number ten has also been on fire in the first match of League One. Argentina superstar Lionel Messi went on a rampage against Claremont. Scored one goal and scored three more goals. In the absence of Mbappe, the MSN trio of Barcelona returned, although no one could replace Suarez next to them.

He was out of the field for a large part of last season due to injury. He saw that loss against Real Madrid from the field. And at the end of the season, PSG had to sell him. The Brazilian, who bought the world record five years ago, wanted to sell him like this. So in this season, you want to recover the lost place by destroying yourself.

Brazilian fans all over the world want to show Neymar’s form for PSG. The Brazilians have been waiting for their sixth World Cup title for 20 years. The Brazilians strongly believe that the much-desired hexa can come at the hands of Neymar. The team that has legends like Ronaldo Phenomenon. Such performance of Neymar for PSG makes him optimistic.

Recently, in an interview with the Argentine media, Ronaldo, who won the Golden Ball of the 1998 World Cup and the Golden Boot of the 2002 World Cup, said, “With the talent that Brazil has, the team will go to Qatar as one of the favorites of the World Cup.” If Neymar is 100% fit physically and mentally, and focused on the World Cup, then we have a good chance of winning the title.’

Neymar himself said that the World Cup in Qatar could be the last World Cup of his career. Therefore, the owner of the second highest goal in the jersey of Brazil wants to play with everything in his possible last World Cup.

Although the whole team of Brazil is great, Neymar is the betting horse of this former star of Brazil, famous for the original Ronaldo, to win the World Cup. He said, ‘We have a great team with some great players. But the matter is quite different from the technical and physical aspects. If he (Neymar) comes to the World Cup well, he will make the difference, and our chances of winning the World Cup will increase a lot.’

Note that Brazil won the last World Cup in 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. Ronaldo de Lima scored a total of 8 goals including 2 goals in the final on the way to win the fifth World Cup. He won the Golden Boot as the highest goalscorer in the World Cup. Even if he sees the potential of Brazil in Qatar, he thinks that he will have to face tough challenges on the way to win the cup. Ronaldo considers France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Lionel Messi’s Argentina as a big threat to Brazil’s World Cup victory.

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