Messi took Miami to the final with a record

Messi took Miami to the final with a record

Messi took Miami to the final with a record. Lionel Messi confirmed the final by winning not one, not two, but six consecutive matches against Inter Miami. And this Argentinian star has seen consecutive goals in these six matches. He has created a unique record in the Leagues Cup.

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Bar (August 16) at 5 o’clock in the morning at the Subaru Park Stadium in Pennsylvania, Inter Miami and Philadelphia Union entered the field in the semi-finals of the Leagues Cup. In the match, Messi’s team Miami won 4-1.

Before this match, due to Messi’s injury, there was concern about landing on the field. However, he played six consecutive matches in Miami’s jersey. The World Cup-winning star not only entered the field, but also set a unique record in the Leagues Cup by scoring in six consecutive matches. In the previous match, he became the highest goalscorer of the current season. Now he went out of touch. And the record of 9 goals in six consecutive matches in the debut season is now only held by Messi. He will enter the field in the next matches to break his own record.

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Apart from Messi, his three teammates also scored against Philadelphia on this day. Miami striker Joseph Martinez scored the lead goal at the beginning of the match. He scored the goal after just 2 minutes with an assist from Sergey Kritsov. After that, Lionel Messi entered the scoreboard. In the 19th minute of the match, Messi’s left-footed shot from 30 yards away broke Philadelphia’s chest and the ball went into the net. At that time, the team’s goalkeeper and three other defenders saw Messi’s goal and did not have a chance to prevent it.

Jordi Alba scored the third goal for Miami in the extra time of the first half. The Spanish footballer got the ball from the midfield and scored alone on the left side. Robert Taylor assisted in this goal. Miami went into the first half with a 3-0 lead. Philadelphia was desperate to get back into the game after the break. After several goal attempts, the club found a goal in the 73rd minute. Alejandro Bedoa, the team’s forward, made the score 3-1.

However, Miami did not care about the opponent on this day. In the 83rd minute of the match, midfielder David Ruiz scored from the right side to make the difference 4-1. This is Ruiz’s first goal of the season. In the end, Lionel Messi’s team confirmed the final by keeping this gap.

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In addition to goals, Miami was ahead in the battle for possession of the ball. But Philadelphia was ahead of the attack. They attacked the Miami camp 16 times, 4 of which were on goal. Among them, Miami goalkeeper Drake Callender saved the team from certain goals. In this direction, Miami only went on the attack 5 times. Among them, 100% of the goal-directed shots were successful. In other words, Lionel Messi’s team took 4 shots on Philadelphia’s goal and 4 of them scored.