Be with your lover without getting married, bonus if you win the match!

Be with your lover without getting married, bonus if you win the match!

Be with your lover without getting married, bonus if you win the match! Neymar is also leaving Europe after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Neymar is joining Saudi Pro League side Al Hilal. Although the signing of the agreement is still pending, it is only a matter of time. The details of his transfer have not yet been released as the contract has not been signed. But different aspects of this party change have come up in the international media.

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After being injured last February, Neymar, who was out of the field for a long time, returned to football this month. But the farewell bell has rung for his career at PSG. The Brazilian superstar has left the French club. On the other hand, Neymar’s name is not in the good book of the new coach of PSG, Luis Enrique. So it was inevitable that he would leave the club. Neymar was rumored to be returning to Barcelona. But in the end, he is going to the Saudi League, ignoring the handouts of Europe’s top clubs.

How much does Al Hilal cost to bring Neymar to the team from PSG? How much is Neymar’s salary in the new club? What benefits will he get in Saudi Arabia? – To get answers to all these questions officially, we have to wait until the signing of the contract. But before that the media has known the various aspects of this agreement. They are publishing this information citing sources close to the club and Neymar.

Al Hilal are paying PSG 90 million euros for 31-year-old Neymar, making him the most expensive player in the club’s history.

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Different media have given different news about Neymar’s salary. According to the BBC, Neymar will be paid six times more at PSG than at Al Hilal. Neymar was paid 2.5 million euros per year at PSG. As such, the Brazilian will receive a salary of 15 million euros per year from the Saudi club. In this regard, an online portal called Footmarketo said that the Saudi club will pay Neymar 320 million euros in 2 years.

Footmarket also listed the personal benefits Al Hilal will offer Neymar. Everyone’s eyes will be dazzled by the conditions given by Neymar there.

Neymar has requested a private plane to travel to Al Hilal. Needless to say, the Saudi club accepted his demand.

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In addition, Neymar has more conditions. Neymar wants to live in Saudi Arabia with his lover Bruno Biancardi without getting married. In the country, it is strictly forbidden for men and women to live under the same roof outside of marriage, but that rule will not be enforced in Neymar’s case. Earlier, the country also allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to live together with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez without getting married.

Apart from this, Neymar is also getting some financial benefits. For example: Neymar will get 80 thousand euros as a bonus if Al Hilal wins a match. And if you give a post or story promoting Saudi Arabia on social media, 500,000 euros will be added to Neymar’s account for each post or story! Neymar is going to Saudi to sink money!