Manchester City’s history of winning the Club World Cup

Manchester City's history of winning the Club World Cup

Manchester City’s history of winning the Club World Cup. Manchester United in 2008, Liverpool in 2009 and Chelsea in 2021 won the Club World Cup title. This time, Manchester City made history by winning this title as the fourth English club. Pep Guardiola’s men won the FIFA Club World Cup without giving Brazilian club Fluminense a chance.

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Manchester City and Fluminense take to the field at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Jeddah on Friday (December 22) at 12pm. Citizens won the match 4-0. Argentinian star Julian Alvarez scored two goals for the team. Another goal was scored by Phil Foden. The other goal was a suicide.

At the beginning of the match, Argentine star Julián Alvarez gave the lead goal to the citizens. Then in the 27th minute, Fluminense’s captain Nino’s suicide goal doubled the lead of Man City. In the second half Phil Foden scored a goal failure. And in the end, Alvarez confirmed the team’s victory with his double goal.

On this day, the Brazilian club digested the goal before realizing anything. Alvarez scored within 40 seconds of the game. Fluminense tried hard to repay that goal. Forward German Cano failed to get a chance in the 11th minute. On the contrary, in the 27th minute, Fluminense stuck the ball in their own net.

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Losing 2-0, Fluminense became disoriented. On the other hand, Alvarez-Phil Foden failed to score despite getting multiple chances. Jack Grealish wasted one more chance before the first half break. In the end, Man City went into the break with a 2-0 goal lead.

Man City started showing their strength in the second half as well. And the stressed Fluminance couldn’t get out of the maze. As in the first half, the Nino-Marcelo side had a busy time in attacking. Several times the footballers of the team also lost their temper and had to fall under the sword of yellow card.

Phil Foden made amends for failing to score in the 72nd minute of the match. This time he succeeded in netting the ball. Assisted by teammate Alvarez, the City forward put the team ahead 3-0. And in 88 minutes, Alvarez confirmed the team’s victory by making the gap 4-0.

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Meanwhile, Fluminense reached the Club World Cup final for the first time in its 121-year history. But in the end, the team had to return as runners-up. Of course, the Brazilian club’s performance against Pep Guardiola’s men was expected. If the opposite were to be seen, it would have been the biggest event of the year.