Manchester City won the Super Cup in a tiebreaker in a breathtaking match

Manchester City won the Super Cup in a tiebreaker in a breathtaking match

Manchester City won the Super Cup in a tiebreaker in a breathtaking match. Sevilla did not put less pressure on Manchester City to win the treble. The fight between the two European champions is fierce. Sevilla went ahead in the beginning but lost the tiebreaker. Manchester City won another title.

Manchester City and Sevilla clash in the UEFA Super Cup in Athens, Greece on Wednesday (August 16) night. Due to a 1-1 draw in the scheduled time, the fight went to a tiebreaker. Manchester City won the Super Cup there by winning 5-4.

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City’s Arling Holland, Julian Alvarez, Mateo Kovacic, Jack Grealish and Kyle Walker all hit the net for the first five shots in the tiebreaker. Sevilla also scored in the first four. However, Nemanja Godel’s fifth shot hit the crossbar and the Europa League winners had to leave the field with a loss. On the other hand, City are celebrating their first ever Super Cup win as Nemanja’s shot misses.

In this match, City has also shown the nature of squeezing the opponent’s defense at the beginning of the match. However, despite three strong attacks between 7 and 17 minutes, the champion team of the Premier League did not see a goal.

As the match progressed, Sevilla began to leave the defense and attack. The Spanish club also got the first goal in a planned attack. In the 25th minute, Moroccan forward Youssef N-Nessiri headed the goal after jumping between two opposing defenders in the box after Argentine defender Marcos Acuna’s great cross from the left side.

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After scoring the goal, City attacked the opponent’s defense well. However, Xavier could not do much in front of the frozen defense. Pep Guardiola’s team finished the first half behind 1-0.

N-Nessiri missed a chance to extend the lead in the second half. And that’s why the city became energized. The European champions equalized in the 63rd minute. Palmer headed Rodri’s cross into the far post from outside the box.

After that, both teams got multiple goals, but none of them could use it. As a result, according to UEFA’s new rules, the match was made into a tiebreaker without an extra 30 minutes of play. City won their fourth title of the year.