Man United lost the victory by two suicide goals

Man United lost the victory by two suicide goals

Man United lost the victory by two suicide goals. Everything was fine till the 83rd minute of the match. But in the 84th minute, Tyrell Malasia and Harry Maguire’s mistake in the added time deprived Manchester United of the victory.

Manchester United drew 2-2 against Sevilla in the first leg of their Europa League quarter-final at Old Trafford on Thursday (April 13). As a result, the fate of the semi-finals of the two teams will be decided in the second leg on April 20.

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Despite dominating the entire match, Man U missed out on the sure win match due to the last two mistakes. Old Trafford was tainted by an own goal defeat instead of Dapute’s victory.

Anthony got the opportunity to lead the team in the 13th minute of the match. However, his shot from the D-box was blocked by the Moroccan goalkeeper Yassin Bono. However, he could not stand up to the wall in the next minute when Marcel Sabitzer took a shot. He found Bruno Fernandes’ pass unguarded in the D-box and headed Bono into the net. Being slightly ahead, the Moroccan goalkeeper could not reach the ball.

After five minutes, Sevilla managed to forget the defenders and scored the second goal. Man U’s hero this time is Sabitzer. Anthony Martial made a pass to the Austrian midfielder as he attacked from the left side. Saviour, breaking the off-side trap, entered the D-box with the ball. In a one-on-one position, Bono tried to block but failed. Savitzer found the address with a gentle touch. Man U dominated until the break at home. However, at the end of the first half, Sevilla had a great opportunity to score.

Tange Nyanjo headed home Ivan Rakitic’s cross from the right corner. However, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea frustrated Sevilla by returning his quick header. However, the ball was not completely cleared. The ball goes up, intercepted by Hair’s gloves. Sevilla would have scored if he headed in front of the goal. But Fernandez did not give that chance to Lucas Ocampos.

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In the 61st minute of the match, Manchester United did not get the third goal because the goal post was blocked. Attacking from the right flank, Anthony passed one defender after another and entered the D-box to take a shot. Although the defense failed to stop him, Sevilla was saved in this journey with the help of Golbar.

Tyrell Malacia wasted a great chance to score in the 82nd minute. His shot from the penalty area was intercepted by Sevilla defenders before reaching the target. A minute later Malaysia put the opposite team in danger. Jesus Navas crossed the right edge of the D-box and passed the ball to his teammate from the goal line. The ball hits Malaysia’s leg and touches Hare’s leg and into the net.

However, Harry Maguire, who was substituted in the second half, caused the biggest incident in the match. He scored an own goal in added time when Man United were on the verge of winning 2-1. N Nesiri’s header in the D-box was headed in the opposite direction of the goal. He heads Maguire’s head and gets tangled in the net. Sevilla equalized. Man U was deprived of victory. The Red Devils squandered a chance to advance to the Europa League quarter-finals at home.