Juventus advance to the semi after defeating Sporting

Juventus advance to the semi after defeating Sporting

Juventus advance to the semi after defeating Sporting. Federico Gatti’s only goal sent Juventus into the semi-finals after beating Sporting CP in the first leg of their Europa League quarter-final.

Sporting dominated the match as Juventus cruised to a 1-0 win at the Allianz Stadium on Thursday (April 13).

The Portuguese club had 59 percent possession and took 15 shots on goal. 6 of which were on target. In contrast, only 3 of Juventus’ 9 shots were on target.

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Juventus took the first shot on target in the 12th minute at home. However, Antonio Adan blocked Federico Kieser’s shot from the D-box with great skill. In the 19th minute, Sporting’s Hidemasa’s powerful shot from outside the D-box was narrowly missed. If there was, the visitors would have scored a sure goal.

After nine minutes Voychekh Szejny saved Juventus from conceding a goal with great skill. Jeremiah St. Justy headed home a teammate’s cross into the D-box from a free-kick. His header bounced off Juventus defenders and found an unguarded Sebastian Quates six yards out. He took a strong shot. Shezni returned it with great skill. The goalkeeper disappointed Sporting once again after the break.

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However, Sporting’s goalkeeper Adan could not disappoint Juventus. Adan swooped to the left to block Angel Di Maria’s cross from the right corner. Golbar was left defenseless. Two Sporting defenders stationed there tried to clear the ball but failed. Quates cleared the ball from the goal and handed it to No Gatti. He hit the ball in the net with a direct shot. The Portuguese club could not return to equality during the rest of the match. Juventus left the field with the victory.

In the second leg, Sporting will host Juventus at the Jose Alvalade Stadium on April 20. The fate of the semi-finals will be decided there.