Leverkusen won the league by “Never Lose” from “Leverkusen”.

Leverkusen won the league by "Never Lose" from "Leverkusen".

Leverkusen won the league by “Never Lose” from “Leverkusen”. Bayer Leverkusen were runners-up in the Bundesliga five times and so far the league title was elusive. They finished second in the league table in the 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-2000, 2001-02 and 2010-11 seasons. Repeatedly unsuccessful Leverkusen earned the nickname ‘Neverkusen’ from opposition supporters. They finally won the league without losing a single match.

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Leverkusen face Werder Bremen on Sunday (April 14). They won this match 5-0. Young German midfielder Florian Wirtz scored a hat trick on this day. The other two goals came from the feet of Granit Xhaka and Victor Boniface. With this match, they tasted the league title for the first time in the club’s 120-year history.

Leverkusen finished third in the table six times in addition to being runners-up five times in the past. The supporters of the team that repeatedly failed were therefore nicknamed ‘Neverkusen’ by their opponents. They made it mean ‘you will never win the league’.

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Neverkusen scandal Ghuchal Xabi holds Alonso’s hand. By Neverlugen, i.e. without losing a match. The team has won 25 out of 29 matches in the league this season, drawing 4. Jabir’s disciples have won 43 matches undefeated in all competitions this season.

However, when Xabi took charge, Leverkusen was a kind of broken team. Leverkusen were on the relegation list when Xabi took over as manager on 5 October 2022. That team won the league title in the 2023-24 season. Jabi is worthy of praise.