FIFA president Gianni Infantino again

FIFA president Gianni Infantino again

FIFA president Gianni Infantino again Gianni Infantino is the president of FIFA again. The Swiss lawyer was elected president unopposed at the 73rd FIFA Congress in Kigali, Rwanda on Thursday (March 16).

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Infantino replaced Sepp Blatter in 2016 after he was ousted on corruption charges. Then in 2019, he got the responsibility for the second term. This time, Infantino was again unopposed as the president of FIFA. He will remain in this position till 2027.

There was not much heat about this election. Because everything was already final. All that was left was formalities. The 52-year-old Swiss man was elected unopposed as there was no other candidate with him.

“I love everyone,” said Infantino after taking over for a third term. Those who love me, I know this number is much more. And those who hate me, too. Although I know that this number is very less.

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Before the World Cup in Qatar, when the Western world was critical of the organizers, Infantino took the reins with a firm hand. Qatar stands by Europe with one hand. The Middle East country has stood by every issue in the successful organization. After the World Cup in Qatar, Infantino also made an important decision about the 2026 World Cup.