Holland wanted to score more after five goals

Holland wanted to score more after five goals

Holland wanted to score more after five goals Holland will enter the field and there will be no flood! The 22-year-old star has been making one record after another since joining Manchester City. On Tuesday night (March 14), the star footballer set another record by thrashing Leipzig.

Manchester City played against Leipzig on Tuesday (March 14) in the Champions League last 16 match. The English Premier League champions defeated the German club 7-0 in the big match. And Pep Guardiola’s team confirmed the last eight with an 8-1 goal difference.

City had the ball in Leipzig’s net six times in 57 minutes. And five of those six goals came from Holland’s feet. Only two have such a record in Champions League history. Argentinian superstars Lionel Messi and Luis Adriano. Naturally, Holland wanted to break that record in the remaining 33 minutes. But that didn’t happen.

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When the age of the match was 63 minutes, coach Guardiola suddenly picked up Holland. However, Holland was unhappy with the coach’s decision. The 22-year-old striker wanted to complete his double hat-trick. However, the Norwegian forward could not do anything against Guru’s wishes.

In an interview given to BT Sport at the end of the match, Holland said, “I told him (Guardiola), it would be nice if I could do a double hat-trick. But what else to do. I had to get out.’

Asked which of the five goals he liked the most, Holland said, “It’s all jumbled in my head right now.” I just remember taking shots on goal, nothing else. I am quite tired after celebrating so many times.

Holland himself did not think that he would score so many goals. The effort was just to place the ball in the right place. And that is the success. According to the Norwegian star, his greatest strength is his ability to score goals.

In this context, he said, ‘I am very proud to play in this tournament (Champions League). A 7-0 win with five own goals was incredible. In fact, I did not think that I will score so many goals. Everything happened in a very short time. So I didn’t think much of it. I tried to keep the ball in empty space. My biggest strength is the ability to score goals.