El Clasico At Night: Real Barca is entering the El Clasico at night

El Clasico At Night Real Barca is entering the El Clasico at night

El Clasico At Night: Real Barca is entering the El Clasico at night. Barcelona and Real Madrid will play the first El Clasico of the season in Las Vegas on Sunday (July 24). Before that the energetic Catalans. Barca is putting themselves forward with confidence in the mix of new and old. Meanwhile, Manchester United coach Erik ten Haag wants to build a stronger team before the start of the new season. In that case, they are looking for an alternative to Ronaldo. And PSG have started their formalities to sell Neymar.

The first El Clasico of the season is said to be. Be it pre-season training. Even so, Barcelona is unwilling to concede a point. The Catalans are doing everything they can to cheer themselves up ahead of their match against Real Madrid in Las Vegas. In the meantime, coach Javi Hernandez has joined the team. Although he could not come with the team due to the passport issue, team Barca must have regained confidence by having the coach. Meanwhile, the team’s new recruit Robert Lewandowski is also looking forward to proving himself ahead of Barca’s Clásico, which is re-invigorating the Catalans.

A day ago, Barcelona increased their confidence by beating Inter Miami 6-0. Along with the old ones, the new recruit Rafinha scored in that match. Meanwhile, Manchester United are also busy playing pre-season friendly matches. The Red Devils recently defeated Crystal Palace. Eric Ten Haag’s team is looking forward to playing against Aston Villa in Perth.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has not joined the team yet due to family issues. Although more or less everyone knows, CRSeven is no longer at Manchester United. In the meantime, the club authorities have also informed the matter. Manchester has already started looking for an alternative to Ronaldo. Manchester, who finished the league at number six last season, does not want to be left behind. As a result, with or without the Portuguese star, they are determined to build a balanced team.

Meanwhile, PSG is in crisis with Brazilian star Neymar. It is old that they want to leave Neymar, but Neymar agreed to leave the French club not long ago. Now the club has officially started their offer to sell Neymar. They are looking for a suitable client for Neymar.

But the problem is, even if the clubs are not ambivalent about Neymar’s performance, the clubs are losing interest considering his age and salary. Therefore, Neymar is not getting a suitable customer in six-nine matches.