Bad news for Argentina, De Paul uncertain for World Cup

Bad news for Argentina, De Paul uncertain for World Cup

Bad news for Argentina, De Paul uncertain for World Cup. Rodrigo de Paul played a key role in Argentina’s Copa America title win, ending a 28-year title streak. In that sequence, he became the big hope of Albiceleste dreaming of the title in the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. However, in a case made by his wife, the Argentine midfielder is uncertain in the World Cup! Several media outlets, including Mundo Deportibo and Futbol España, have reported this.

De Paul has separated from ex-wife Camilla Holmes long ago. However, the complications between them have not yet ended with child rearing. Kamila has resorted to the court with several demands including 30 thousand euros per month as children’s expenses. And that can burn the forehead of De Paul.

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Meanwhile, in an interview given to Radio Urbana, the president of the Argentine Football Federation, Claudio Tapia, said, “You cannot participate in the World Cup if you are under punishment for committing crimes against women or something like that.” This is what we know. it’s really Bad news for Argentina

But Claudio Tapia is not giving up now. He hopes to get the team’s best player on the world stage. He is also hopeful that this crisis will end soon.

“I don’t think any father will deprive his child of the rights he deserves,” he said. And I have known them for a long time. I also know Paul’s passion for children. Hopefully, everything will be resolved.

However, Gaston Edul, reporter of Argentine media “TYC Sports”, reported another news. The reporter said that Rodrigo will have no problem playing in the FIFA matches in September and the World Cup in Qatar in November. Claudio Tapia told him that he did not comment on the uncertainty of Rodrigo playing in the World Cup in Qatar. It is now a matter of seeing where the water flows.