De Maria is going to Juventus not Barcelona

De Maria is going to Juventus not Barcelona

De Maria is going to Juventus not Barcelona. Juventus smile at the end of the ‘tug of war’ with Argentine midfielder Ángel Di María!

Which club Di Maria will sign in the future is now a major topic in European football. The 34-year-old Argentina international, who recently signed a contract with PSG, is set to return to Argentina’s Rosario Central at the end of his career.

But Di Maria does not want to leave Europe at the moment because of the World Cup in Qatar in November this year. His wish was to go to a big club in Europe on a one-year contract and another conditional contract. There are a lot of rumors surrounding him involving the names of Juventus and Barcelona.

The Maria was pointing to Barcelona

The former Real Madrid winger between the two clubs wanted to go to Barcelona, ​​a one-time strong opponent. At least in various interviews, starting with his speeches, according to the news of various reliable journalists about the change of party, everything was pointing towards The Maria going to Barcelona. But de Maria is going to Juventus not Barcelona

Of course, Juventus also had a role behind this. The Maria did not agree to the contract that Juventus was offering. Paulo Dybala is leaving the club, so Juventus need a left-handed winger. The Italian club offered Di Maria a two-year contract at a net worth of 4.5 million euros this season. But The Maria’s two-year contract was opposed from the start.

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Meanwhile, there was no final news from Barcelona. Officially, three days later, the club less Di Maria did not want to be in doubt about his future for long. So the latest news is that Juventus is writing the name of Maria who is annoyed with the delay of Barcelona. Juventus, meanwhile, were moved by Barcelona’s “interest” and offered the winger a new contract.

Fabrizio Romano, a well-known transfer journalist, said that Di Maria has had several meetings with Juventus officials in the last few days. Romano said that he liked Juventus’ new proposal Di Maria. Although he has not yet officially said “yes” to Juventus, Romano said that Di Maria has come a long way in wearing black and white jerseys.

The future of The Maria is in Argentina

Meanwhile, Barcelona-based journalist Gerard Romero also said that Barcelona is not taking Di Maria in the team. Despite talking to Xavi, he is not wearing a jersey. Meanwhile, Gaston Edul, an Argentine journalist with TYC Sports, said the same thing. The future of The Maria is in Argentina.