Di Maria is dropped from the World Cup team!

De Maria is dropped from the World Cup team

Di Maria is dropped from the World Cup team!

Di Maria is dropped from the World Cup team! soccer World Cup It’s just a few months away. Argentina are in excellent shape as undefeated. Everyone is ready to give at least one World Cup gift to Lionel Messi.

However, a major World Cup push will eat up Sceloni’s students. Argentine fans should not have been prepared for that.

Argentina won the Copa Amrica

Argentina won the Copa Amrica, defeating the 26-year-old with a goal from The Maria. And again

The midfielder also scored in La Finalisima’s most notable match against Italy who won the Euro earlier this month, helping Maradona-Argentina’s national team win its second title in the post-Maradona season. Will you get a place in The Maria World Cup team? You doubt this.

De Maria is dropped from the World Cup team

Of course, it is natural to doubt. The years are not short. The 34-year-old has won his contract with PSG. Many young players play hard for the national team.

Many key players like Nicolas Gonzalez, Anhel Correa, Joaquin Correa, Ezekiel Zebayos and Julian Alvarez are ready to play for the national team. Maria herself understands that. He does not know if Qatar will find a place in Argentina’s squad for the World Cup at the end of the year.

In an interview with Tin & T Sports, he expressed his doubts. He also understands that if anyone has a place in the World Cup, Lionel Messi, “is the only player in the World Cup.

seven-year relationship with PSG

The player, who plays for clubs such as Benfica, Real Madrid, Manchester United and PSG, is already out of action. Earlier this month, a seven-year relationship with PSG was terminated and the contract was terminated. Where the next place of The Maria, no one knows. However, from Barcelona to Juventus, even clubs like their home country Rosario Central of Argentina are interested in signing Di Maria.

But whatever club name is written, The Maria understands that just four months before the World Cup, it’s hard to get to a new club and stay tuned, ‘I have to move to a new club, I have to adapt. You have to play well, you have to enjoy the game. I do not know if I will be able to fix it four months before the World Cup. ‘

So Di Maria is dropped from the World Cup team.