Who will be ahead of El Clasico at night?

Who will be ahead of El Clasico at night?

Who will be ahead of El Clasico at night? Barcelona and Real Madrid are facing the third time this season. Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 4-1 in the first battle in the league. However, Javir Barcelona won the title by beating Real in the Super Cup final. So the question is, which party will be ahead in the fight this time?

Spain will face Spain’s two Havweights at 2pm on Thursday (March 2) in the first leg of the semifinal of the Copa del Rey. Meanwhile, Barcelona coach Javi, however, is leading Real before taking the field against Real Madrid.

“Real will be ahead of us in this match,” Jave said at the Purub press conference. They will be on the field as favorites. Because they are the Champions League and La Liga champions. We were well in the Super Cup, but they were ahead. They are always a good team. ‘

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There are quite why Javi has to say so. Javi does not get the three best players in the team due to injury. Robert Levandovsky, Usman Dembeli and Pedri, the highest scorer for Barcelona this season, will not be able to take the field in this match due to injury. The three footballers have played a major role in bringing Barsa success this season. So Javi is a matter of how to fill these three deficiency against Real.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid is also in great form. They did not lose in one of the last six matches. Meanwhile, Vinicus, Benzema, Madrid are in great form. However, the Real Boss Anchelotti team is watching the Brazilian star Vinisus differently from everyone else.

At a press conference of the match, Real Boss said, “Real Madrid depends on Vinisuse Jr. and this dependence is good, because he is one of the best players in the world right now. I see as a natural thing for us to rely on Vinicus, he is now one of the largest players in the world. I don’t need to give him any additional advice. ‘

Meanwhile, Real Madrid are ahead before the match, but the statistics are the same thing. Barcelona won two of the last four El Clasico after Javi coach. However, Barcelona won 3-1 in La Liga last season. Carlo Ancelotti may definitely want to avenge that shame rate.