Who is the most expensive squad in Europe?

Who is the most expensive squad in Europe?

Who is the most expensive squad in Europe? Last season was a triumph for Manchester City. Won the treble and became the best team in Europe. However, they were once number two in the league, and no one thought that they would eventually win the league title. But that’s what happened. Pep Guardiola’s team kept the league title behind Arsenal. However, the Gunners have left City right behind in terms of the most expensive squad.

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Transfermarket, a reliable website on transfers, player and club finances, has named Arsenal as one of the most expensive squads in Europe. Currently, Arsenal’s squad value is 121 million euros. Manchester City is second in the list. Last season’s treble-winning squad cost 119 million euros.

Third is PSG (102 million euros). The English Premier League dominates the top ten list of expensive squads. Six of the top 10 clubs are from England. Two are from Spain. Germany and France have one team each. No Italian team made it to the top 10.

Arsenal finished second in the league last season. They have already drawn several footballers to increase the strength of the team in the coming season. Which includes footballers like Declan Rice, Kai Havertz, Jurien Timber. Arsenal spent 100 million pounds to buy Declan Rice from the English club West Ham. And Havertz has been drawn to the team from Chelsea for 6.5 million pounds.

Top 10 Most Expensive Squads:
The name of the team is Squad Value

  1. Arsenal (Premier League) 121 crores
  2. Manchester City (Premier League) 119 crores
  3. PSG (League One) 102 crores
  4. Real Madrid (La Liga) 99 crores 10 lakhs
  5. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) 89.45 million
  6. Chelsea (Premier League) 86 crore 85 lakh
  7. Barcelona (La Liga) 86 crore 85 lakh
  8. Liverpool (Premier League) 84 crore 68 lakh
  9. Man United (Premier League) 83 crore 38 lakh
  10. Tottenham (Premier League) 77 crore 33 lakh