What club is Messi going to after the World Cup?

What club is Messi going to after the World Cup? In the midst of the World Cup in Qatar, the best clubs in the football world have become eager to recruit star footballers. Lionel Messi’s contract with PSG will end in June. Rumor has it, American club Inter Miami is ready with sacks of money to bring him to the team. On the other hand, the Parisians are also ready to make a new offer to the Argentine star. But Messi wants to make all decisions after the World Cup.

Earlier, the American newspaper The Times reported that Messi could go to Inter Miami, a club in the country’s Major Soccer League. The issue of coming to an agreement between the two sides is also progressing little by little. According to the Times, Messi will be the league’s highest-paid player if he goes to Miami.

However, the popular Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano said that Lionel Messi has not yet made a decision about the future of football. According to his teammates, all Messi’s thoughts are now only around the World Cup. He did not sign any contract with any club.

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Romano also said that Inter Miami wants Messi, that’s why they made a good offer. His current club PSG will soon make him a new offer. But Messi will make all his decisions at the end of the World Cup in 2023.

Meanwhile, when Messi left Barcelona and came to PSG in August 2021, he signed a two-year contract with the club until June 2023. In addition, the contract mentions that he will stay at the club for one more year conditionally. As a result, it is conceivable that PSG is not letting him go so easily.

However, the way his former clubs Barca and Miami have started to fight, let’s see which way Messi steps next January. For now, all his thoughts are about his country and the World Cup. This season of the Greatest Show on Earth will end on December 18.