‘We have the best player ever’ – said Emiliano Martinez

We have the best player ever said Emiliano Martinez

‘We have the best player ever’ – said Emiliano Martinez. Just one more match! If they beat France in this match, Argentina will be crowned world champions after 36 years. Lionel Messi fans all over the world are also watching this match. Messi’s imperfection will be removed if he wins the match.

Before this match, many people are putting France ahead of Argentina as favorites. Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez, however, is reluctant to think about who is the favourite. Because, whoever the favorites are, they have the greatest player of all time, Messi.

When asked about the favorites in the press conference before the final, Martinez said, “When we won the Copa America, Brazil was the favorite. Today they are talking about France. We have another favorite. We have the best player ever. We do not think ourselves superior or inferior to anyone.

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Argentina won the title thanks to Messi’s great performance in the Copa America. Martinez is looking at that Messi even more, ‘I see him very happy. He is very comfortable on the field. I saw a great Messi in the Copa America, one of the best I’ve ever seen. He is doing better in this World Cup. He is a unique player, one of the best in the tournament. He is in very good shape physically and football wise. Feeling thrilled, it’s very helpful for us.’

France are very dangerous as a team. They have the world’s best players in their team, when asked how to beat this team, Martinez said, ‘You have to play with a cool head. You have to play the way you play, you have to control the match. We know that this is the toughest match. But in the same way it is also the final of the World Cup.