The journalist cried while interviewing Messi

The journalist cried while interviewing Messi. Lionel Messi is considered by many as a god. In his company, many people’s hearts skip a beat, some become emotional. It doesn’t matter if it’s a common person, but if it’s a journalist in the place of a common person, heart rate-emotional matters work? is If not, why would Argentinian Pablo Giralt of DirecTV The journalist cried while interviewing Messi!

The video of Messi’s interview with Geralt is now viral on social media. Where it can be seen, the crying state of Geralt. This journalist later said, ‘This profession and my life have taken me down a path I never imagined. I have fulfilled a dream.

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Messi is a footballer, but an interviewer is a journalist. Giralt, however, thinks that the two of them met on the same path through the interview. He commented: ‘I have met the player I love, who has given me the most enjoyment. I feel fortunate that my professional path has coincided with his.

In the interview, Giralt also said, “I came from Venado Puerto and dreamed of journalism all my life. Never imagined that I could sit with you, show love for you, for your career. I thank you with all my heart.’

source: somoy news