The grass of the field will also be changed in favor of Messi

The grass of the field will also be changed in favor of Messi

The grass of the field will also be changed in favor of Messi. A few days ago, the American club Inter Miami introduced their new player Lionel Messi to the fans. After the introduction, it’s Messi’s turn to take the field. Messi may make his debut against Cruz Azul in the League Cup on July 21. Before that, several clubs are changing the grass of the field so that the Argentinian star who won the World Cup does not face any kind of problem on the field.

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Currently MLS clubs such as Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Atlanta United and Charlotte FC play on artificial grass. Messi has always played on natural grass throughout his football career. As a result, he will have a chance of getting injured if he plays on artificial grass. MLS also has a record number of injuries while playing on this artificial grass. Because of which the clubs will change the grass.

MLS league commissioner Don Gerber said in an interview, “MLS has hosted many international matches. We were able to bring natural grass to those fields. But we never did it during the regular season. I hope they will do what needs to be done. However, a lot of work needs to be done to make everything right.

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But so far, none of the star footballers who have played on this artificial grass have been injured. As a result, Gerber thinks that Messi will not have any problem. “Many international stars have come to play in Major League Soccer,” Gerber said. They were either curious or worried about playing on artificial grass. But then you see, many of the world’s best players have played on artificial grass. Where there are also the best players like Thierry Henry and Kaka.

Meanwhile alongside the grass, there is talk of changing match time for Messi. Currently the games are held at 7:30 local time. Which stands at 5:30 am in Bangladesh time. However, keeping in mind the global audience, changing the playing time is being considered.